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13 Slaves Of The New Era

13 Slaves Of The New Era


13 Slaves of The New Era, is a self-help guide for people who desperately want to improve their lives by walking in true freedom but are unaware of the mental slave traps that hold them hostage.


“The greatest slave owner that exists is your mind.” —The Tarot Priest


This book is for anyone that:

  • Wants to cut through the bullshit and face their fears head on
  • Wants to find happiness
  • Wants to experience a high peak of freedom
  • Wants to be themselves Wants to be free from being mentally enslaved


Enslaved lifestyles such as:

  • You care about what other people think of you
  • You’re not living a life for yourself
  • You’re dependent on the external to make you happy
  • Your thoughts control your life You desire to live up to the expectations of others


This cut-throat and blunt informed guide serves up 13 mini summaries of the new era slaves  helping you to:Identify and change your self-sabotaging beliefs, thoughts and behaviors  


In order to:

  • Build a life from a foundation of freedom rather than fear
  • Break free from limitations that hold you back from your greatness Expose the blind spots of mental slave traps.


By the end of 13 Slaves of The New Era, youll understand how its possible to be a slave in 2020 how to set yourself free from familiar slavery lifestyles, and most importantly why freedom is the key! to happiness. 

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