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What is life about?

What is life about?

Paying bills, spending time with family, having children, getting your degree and working hard for a lifelong career?

Come on, don't bore me!

This would be the typical response from most of the people living in “this world”. Or that world?

Being openminded and seeing life more than what meets the physical eye is the challenge standing in between this life and the life you truly desire.

Assuming you desire more than work, bills and the rules of this world, may I as, “what is it that you truly desire?”

Desire to have…

Desire to do…

Desire to be…

Let’s start with what you desire to have.

So, what is it that you desire to have? This can be tangible items or abstract desires. Do you desire to have more time, money, food, clothes, a home, love, peace, freedom etc…?

OK, I get it, we all desire to have more money. That's an easy answer.

But if you could have anything in this world without the exchange of money then the value of the dollar bill would be worthless. What value does money have? Well, that’s a discussion for another topic.

Moral of the story is don’t let money become a limitation. Because that's just what it is, a limitation you've chosen to believe.

Somewhere deep down inside you feel like you'd love to go to Manhattan and sit in the middle of TimeSquare sipping a mug of coffee in the city that never sleeps. But for some reason, something tell you that you can't go and more than often the problem is money.

Back to what I was saying, what do you desire to have? And before you answer, let’s quiet that little voice is the exact reason why you don’t have what it is you desire to have. Once, you’ve taken charge of that little voices and the thoughts that have been created by negative thought patterns, I’d like you to do your best and write down your answers on a sheet of paper. The power of writing things down on paper is a method that will become sacred to you in your future days.

What do you Desire to do?

Travel, spend time with family, enjoy your freedom and explore the world? That seems like my kind of party and represents freedom entirely. What would you rather be doing now? Tomorrow, instead of snoozing your alarm clock or staring at the ceiling wondering when you next paid vacation is coming up, what would you rather be doing. Again, before you answer close your eyes and quiet the little voice instead telling you all the reasons why you can’t do that. Once you feel at ease and the waves are calm begin to jot down all of the things you’d like to do and adventures you’d like to take.

What do you desire to be?

This is one of the most powerful revelations any human being can come to terms with. When a human being realizes that they’re not what they’ve been told and not what they see, they become limitless; they becomes themselves. (Click to Tweet) You are one in the same with everyone, you can be anything but you are not limited to anything. You are above everything. Therefore, you can be anything you chose to be. Removing labels, helps you identify who you are by simply stating what you are not. Labels are for products not people. You can never be anything you do not believe to me, therefore it’s your decision to be what you believe to but remaining yourself.

Lastly, quiet down that little voice it’s getting a little rowdy in there. Stay with me just until I can reveal to you the most important aspect of life.

What is life to you? Whatever life appears to be to you, life will be just that. Life is exactly what you say it is because you’ve chosen to create it. If you feel like isn’t fair, it’ll never be fair. If you feel as if life is a gift, it;’las always be a give.

Oops, I guess there’s a few important aspects of life. If you want a better life choose the life you want and then create. Being a creator is one of your truest forms of nature. The life you’ve had all this time is exactly the life you wanted or want.


Without the boundaries and limitations this world has set, you can have, do and be anything you believe. Focus on your desires and don’t settle for the life you’ve been created, yet begin to create the life you want by changing your thought process and discovering who you are. By becoming who you are, creates a perfect life for you naturally and effortlessly.


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